List of Senior Staff of the Central Bank of Liberia


Office of the Executive Governor

Milton A. Weeks                    -     Executive Governor

Sylvester Kassa Thomas        -     Chief of Staff

Lillian Best                             -    Corporate Policy Analyst

Cyrus W. Badio                      -     Head/Communications

Amie N. Rogers                      -     Special Assistant

Michael B. Ogun                    -     Senior Advisor, Multilateral Relations

James Wilfred                       -      Head/Financial Sector Development

Joseph K. Jallah                   -       Legal Advisor


Deputy Governors

Charles E. Sirleaf       -    Deputy Governor for Operations

Dr. Mounir Siaplay       -   Deputy Governor for Economic Policy


Supervision Department

Jefferson S.N. Kambo       -    Director

Barue M. Morris              -     Deputy Director

Jay G. Brown                  -    Deputy Director Insurance

Fonsia M  Donzo             -    Deputy Director/Other Financial   Institutions

Mathew J. Innis               -    Deputy Director Macrofinance

Chandra C. Jackson        -    Assistant Director

Erica Williams                -    Assistant Director

Ocelia M. Scott              -    Assistant Director

Supuwood Y. Tarpeh       -    Assistant Director


Research, Policy and Planning Department

Mussah A. Kamara         -   Director

Jackson Worlobah         -    Deputy Director/Policy and Research

Rajie R. Adnan              -    Assistant Director

P. Mah Krah                  -    Assistant Director/Statistics

Gweh Gaye Tarwo         -    Assistant Director Microeconomic Forecasting


Finance Department

Dorbor Hagba                -    Director

Mustapha Sherman       -    Deputy Director

Sylvia Tarkpah              -    Assistant Director/Financial Reporting


General Support Services (GSS) Department

Maakai A. Amblard      -    Director

Pearson D. Nyemadi    -    Deputy Director

Mariea E. Grigsby        -    Assistant Director/GSSD


Nyemadi Pearson       -     Assistant Director/Procurement


Human Resource Department

Joyce J Dolo                -     Director

Evelyn C. B. Weeks      -    Assistant Director


Banking and Payment Systems Department

Richard H. Walker        -    Director

Miatta Oberly Kuteh      -    Deputy Director/Banking & Payment Systems

Massah Sonie              -    Assistant Director

William Dargbeh           -    Assistant Director

Princess D. Mason       -    Assistant Director/Banking & Payment Systems

Mohammed B. Vaeney -   Assistant Director


Risk Management Department

Christian N. Allison      -    Director



Cllr. Esther R. Barclay  -    Legal Counsel


Internal Audit Department

Joseph Dennis        -    Deputy Director

Arthur B. Flomo       -   Deputy Director

Edward Fahnbulleh  -   Assistant Director


Management Information System & Technology Department

Collins W. Teah Jr.    -   Director

John K. Wangolo      -   Deputy Director

Neamoie Buxton      -   Deputy Director/Surveillance Access Control & Bld

George Harvey         -   Deputy Director/Cyber & Enterprise Security

Diakae Al Lewis       -   Assistant Director

Ishmael L. Kweyete  -   Assistant Director


Treasury Operations Unit

Djuteh Clarke Wilfred - Deputy Head


Financial Markets Department

Amaso Bawn                 -     Director

Euphemia S. Monmia     -    Deputy Director



Ivan D. Korvah                -    Assistant Director