Central Bank of Liberia Official Stresses Skills Training

MONROVIA – March 29, 2017:    An Official of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) has spoken of the need for a skilled and strong workforce which he described is the only reliable conduit for economic growth and sustainable development of any country. The Chief of Staff in the Office of the Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, Mr. Sylvester K Thomas, pointed out that countries continue to develop programs to enhance the capacities of their citizens in order to contribute to sustainable and balanced growth and improved living standards the world over. Training in general and skills development in particular, he stressed, will not only play a vital role in the lives of the targeted individuals, but contribute immensely to human resource development, job and wealth creation, and the overall economic wellbeing of the country.


Mr. Thomas made the remarks Monday, March 27, 2017, when he spoke on behalf of CBL Governor Milton A. Weeks, at a program marking the official launch of the Liberia National Tailors, Textiles, Garments & Allied Workers Union Women & Youth Empowerment Training Program in Monrovia.


The CBL official commended the initiative of the group for undertaking the provision of training and other valuable skills for young people. In so doing, the Governor’s Chief of Staff, said, “it is not only tailors that you intend to produce, but also entrepreneurs who will have the ability to develop and manage their own businesses.” He called for efforts to address the plight of the young people of the society, who he said represent 61.2 percent of an estimated population of 4.5 million people in Liberia. The task, he noted is huge for political and socio-economic leaders and everyone in Africa, particularly Liberia, to exert efforts to tap into the development opportunities and potentials associated with the huge increase in the number of young people.  The fact that the Union has seen the need to reach out to this vulnerable group in our society, Thomas emphasized, “marks a tremendous step in our quest to empower this youthful population.”


The CBL Chief of staff said the bank will continue to collaborate with the Union as it undertakes programs aimed at solidifying a strong foundation.



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