The Microfinance and Financial Inclusion Unit of the Central Bank of Liberia is responsible for advancing the financial inclusion agenda of bank consistent with the Government of Liberia overall strategy for financial inclusion based on its National Strategy for Financial Inclusion.  That includes enhancing the delivery of financial services, particularly to rural Liberia, integrating the informal sector of the economy into the formal sector, and improving access to finance for Liberians  The staff of the unit works to address issues associated with access, costs structures and usage, creating innovative ways of reaching and uplifting ordinary Liberians.  The unit, as the outreach arm of the Central Bank of Liberia, works with microfinance institutions, credit unions, village savings and loan associations and a host of mass-based grassroot organizations.   The unit focus remains to achieve the long term goals of creating a financially inclusive society with sound institutions and a diversity of products and services. 

CONTACT: 0555-960-562