The Research, Policy and Planning Department is charged with the responsibility to conduct economic and statistical research activities. The Department is to ensure that the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) provides essential research information relevant for the formulation and implementation of economic and financial policies conducive to the balanced growth of the economy.


The Department of Research, Policy and Planning is considered the technical arm of the Bank. Its mandate includes but not limited to the following:

Monitoring and analyzing the level, structure and behavior of monetary aggregates, inflationary expectations, exchange rate movements and other macroeconomic indicators with a view to informing the Management on financial and economic matters; recommending appropriate policies to promote and maintain monetary and price stability as well as to preserve the purchasing power of the national currency

Reviewing emerging and prospective developments surrounding the financial sector and recommending sectoral policy initiatives to foster a vibrant and healthy domestic financial and capital market.

Reviewing the inter-sectoral flow and allocation of national budgetary resources and recommending policies to direct their allocations and to encourage the mobilization of domestic savings and where necessary, foreign capital, and

Conducting research on macroeconomic issues, disseminating such information and research findings and recommending appropriate policies to promote internal and external equilibrium