The Human Resources Management Department is responsible for implementing policies and strategies to attract and retain CBL’s staff as well as motivate and enhance productivity. In particular, the Department’s work focuses on policies and procedures; automation and digitization of human resource processes; succession planning, management, and development; as well as talent acquisition and career development.

Policies & Procedures

  • Review and update all human resource policies and procedures

Automation and Digitization of Human Resource Processes

  • Digitize and automate all human resource records/processes
  • Implement HR technology solutions
  • Contract external partners for the development of human resource systems

Succession Planning, Management, and Development

  • Identify key positions/roles, staff with the right skills and positions that need to be filled.
  • Develop leaders for future executive roles.
  • Create learning/development opportuni­ties to increase capabilities
  • Prepare succession planning and secondment opportunities for exposures.
  • Develop a succession plan framework.
  • Develop management/ leadership programs to improve competency and capability of staff to assume and fill leadership gaps.
  • Advice directors to have an informed and effec­tive performance management conversations with staff.

Talent Acquisition and Career Development

  • Attract and recruit high-caliber professionals.
  • Acquire the right talent and provide a clear career path for all staff.
  • Launch career programs to rapidly move high-potential talents within the CBL to critical positions.
  • Review employee benefits to remain competitive/retain talents.
  • Promote collaboration for more synergies within and across departments.
  • Establish career pathways and progression opportunities.
  • Develop talent management and career ladder framework.
  • Implement effective induction programs.